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When I am Here and Now

by Mumukshu
When I am here and now
My heart swells with endless love
and I swirl and dance in the garden of bliss

When I am here and now
I float in the fields of Grace
and my soul sings the song of peace

When I am here and now
The vast emptiness fills my mind
and the river of gratitude flow through my eyes

When I am here and now
I am full to the brim,
and I permeate everywhere to be

When I am here and now
I reach home where I truly belong
and I find myself in the cradle of the Divine…


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Once in a while

moments before sunrise at Art of Living's new International Center at Boone, North Carolina

by Birjoo Vaishnav
Shiva has descended.
Once in a while
You get lucky enough
To meet and greet a thousand stars
To trek the trails in the hillside forest
To gaze into the horizon with mountains wide and far…
Once in a while
You get lucky enough
To be soaked in joyous silence
To drench in the ocean of devotion
To sing and dance with and within the Nata-raj!
Once in a while
You get lucky enough
To move from movement to stillness,
To recognise and acknowledge
The truth of life!
Once in a while
You get lucky enough
To be in the right place at the right time
To raft in the river of grace
To be in undivided ecstasy
Once in a while
You get lucky enough
To soak in the drizzle of blessings
To see the Shiva descend
To celebrate with hollow and empty people
filled with love in their heart
Once in a while
you get lucky enough
To see Heavenly Mountain
turn into a Himalayan sight
Once in a while
you get lucky enough
To realize how precious a gift it is
To be here, to be Now
When you do, something
tells you from deep inside…
that this is the boon, the gift
the magical glmpse of Shiva’s descent
on the slopes of the Heavenly highs…
not somewhere too far,
but right here, now, in the silent corner of your heart!
Come…celebrate in the heaven inside… here, now

written after the first ever Mahashivaratri Weekend Retreat (meditation, knowledge and singing) during the festival of Mahashivaratri, February 2012 at the new International Center for Meditation and Well-Being in Boone, North Carolina

Dr. Birjoo Vaishnav is a physicist by profession teaching at Georgia Southern, Statesboro GA and can be found in Boone ashram every other weekend. The Mahashivaratri Retreat was not a silence program, but just a weekend of Mahakriya, Mahasatsang, Mahameditation, Maha everything, knowledge discussions, processes…in words of a veteran Art of Living teacher who came to the retreat-” I have even taught some of these processes but the impact, the silence it created here was just amazing. This retreat was a very special gift!”

blogpost with Boone photos

other poems by Birjoo on the blog
All you got to do …
This little body…


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Here are photos by Niyati Bhatt of Art of Living‘s 30th anniversary celebration, World Culture Festival in Berlin, July 2011.


posters all over Berlin: every corner, every bus stand, every street had a poster.


Mexican dance




Mexican handicrafts


Mexican handicrafts


World Culture Festival


Tango Dance and Maximiliano Miguel Christiani, Argentina


The United Bunny Bears. Every country recognized by the UN is represented by these bears.


Grand Choir Performance, Germany


Grand Choir Performance, Germany


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar arrives.


World Culture Festival


World Culture Festival


World Culture Festival


World Culture Festival


World Culture Festival


World Culture Festival


Swami Pragyapad


Yoko Mama, Japan


Atikamekw Nation, Canada


Yoga Performance


Yoga Performance


St. Petersburg Ballet, Russia


St. Petersburg Ballet, Russia


One World Family Dance


World Culture Festival


Cultural Performance, Kosovo


World Culture Festival


African Drum Beat for Peace


Yoga Rave at their best!


Yoga Rave, Argentina

WCF1 thumbnail
WCF5 thumbnail
WCF8 thumbnail
WCF6 thumbnail
WCF7 thumbnail
WCF12 thumbnail
WCF23 thumbnail
WCF11 thumbnail
WCF20 thumbnail
WCF19 thumbnail
WCF17 thumbnail
WCF13 thumbnail
WCF15 thumbnail
WCF16 thumbnail
WCF18 thumbnail
WCF9 thumbnail
WCF14 thumbnail
WCF10 thumbnail
WCF25 thumbnail
WCF21-2 thumbnail
WCF26 thumbnail
WCF28 thumbnail
WCF29 thumbnail
WCF30 thumbnail
WCF31 thumbnail
WCF34 thumbnail
WCF35 thumbnail
WCF32 thumbnail
WCF33 thumbnail
WCF36 thumbnail
WCF37 thumbnail



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