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Meditationby Najuk Mehta

Ever Grateful to be
This little fountain of mine. . .overflowing with love
Mere bubbles I’m told. . .timeless, I’m aware
However brief, yet eternal
In this moment I LIVE. . .I BREATHE. . .I REJOICE. . .”

Najuk Mehta has been involved with the Art of Living Foundation for more than 10 years. As a Certified Instructor for the Foundation, she teaches  yoga, meditation, and conducts stress-management workshops at Rutgers University and throughout New Jersey.


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Happy Holidays!

In keeping with our annual tradition for Art Excel kids, on Dec. 1st we decorated a Christmas tree at the Metuchen center. As you can see from the pictures, it was loads of fun with little and big kids! There was so much enthusiasm, joy and happiness. As Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says depression can never exist when you are around kids, since their energy is very uplifting and contagious. We had holiday snacks, games and so many ornaments for the tree that the next year we will have to buy a bigger tree…

Thanks to all the parents and big kids for all their help in making this possible.

Wishing everyone happy holidays and New Year!!
Amrapalee Panchal
ART Excel teacher

here is a wonderful article in Psychology Today by Art of Living teacher, Emma Sepalla for the holidays:
The Greatest Gift You Can Give: Yourself

photos of Christmas tree decoration

by Anushka Joshi


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Who are you?

by Birjoo Vaishnav


dawn and Venus at Boone meditation center

A beautiful step in a fourteen billion year old dance,
Celebrating life in this corner of the Universe…
Who are you?

Assembled from atomic ashes of stars,
Mind made from nothing but their glow,
A bubbling river of innocence, awareness
Enthusiasm and joy, no holds barred
Playfully twirling time, perennial in its flow
Who are you?

An ocean within the apparent wave,
a dance of the universe within the dance
Of the Universe within
Who are you ?

Eternity captured in a timeless moment
Infinite beauty in a silent torrent
Filled with an emptiness so complete, so potent!
Who are you?

Beyond transient events, people and twisting tides,
Dynamic stillness, flourishing when in oneself it abides,
Beyond fleeting fears, judgements, likes, dislikes,
Even beyond I..
Who are you?

Unfathomable, untouched,
Untainted delight
Dancer of this universal dance,
Seer of all that meets the sight,
Melodious Music of the quietness,
The unseen energy of light,
No-thing, no-body, no-where,
Here, now,
A vivacious vehicle for the universe
to reflect on itself,
to admire its own magic,
and within itself rejoice,
Who are You?


Dr. Birjoo Vaishnav is a physicist by profession teaching at Georgia Southern, Statesboro GA who is passionate about the teachings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and is frequently found at the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being, Boone!


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