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by Roopak Desai

Just viewed SKYFAll ..Bond 007. It exactly shows that Willpower has to be reignited and recharged when you are in your lows to get back into this exciting world. And only you can do it for yourself.

Life has its rises and falls but that should not falter your willpower because that belongs to you and only you.

It is important to develop the coping techniques as mentioned in the article by Linda and one of the most important one is Mediation. You will find these techniques handy when rough times come on your life journey.

Build a solid framework and fortress of strong mind with help of meditation. It has helped me to the core for building my willpower and has helped me in my difficult times to get back into field roaring.

Also equally important is building meaningful relationships, good friends, exercising regularly and reading good books.

Thus, when time comes to get up from a fall, you can tap into your own resources to rise even stronger, smarter and a laser focus achiever.

I believe in Art of Living and it helps to develop foundation to live life with Joy, Purpose and Confidence. Building of the Willpower happens naturally and is the by-product…


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