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by Naval Deshbandu

The body is the gross aspect of the Mind, or the Mind, is the subtle counterpart to our physical body. One affects the other. Why? Simply, because they are connected to each; they are part of the same system. To put it simply, there is a complementarity of structure and function.

When we twist our body into specific poses, or hold specific postures, specific organs are emphasized or attended to. Massaging of internal organs keeps them functioning optimally. And brain functioning is definitely tied to the rather delicate chemistry and complex balance of hormones and other fluids that make up our bio-matrix.  The greater the harmony of the inter-working of our biology, the greater is its efficiency in processing and functioning. Importantly, the mind is quieter, and the chatter is less.

The purpose of Yoga is to calm and quiet the mind.

Once the noise within the mind (perhaps stemming from social conditioning, or limiting cultural-contexts or physical diseases or discomforts) has died down, the mind is free from itself to experience that which is. And that which is, is experientially vastness, fullness and inter-connectedness. Consciousness can then fully meet itself having curled up onto it-self.

A human expression of such an experience is typically one of joy and liveliness.

Yoga – Physical flexing, twisting, contorting is perhaps a mimic to waves of Consciousness falling back upon itself.

Breath has an unusually important role to play in attainment of Yoga.

Holding specific postures, directing breath, controlling the breath gives the mind, body, brain time, albeit short, to not Be. This allows for a process of reconstruction and reorganization of something integral to happen. It is almost as if the very tendrils of our consciousness are stretched or flexed. Limited awareness derived from a physical sensory plane is being transcended.

Thus specific Yoga postures bring into play specific vital organs of our body, and allow the corresponding units of awareness to untie and de-knot. This releases great deal of pent up stresses and strains at multiple-levels of our existence. This makes for a healthier, freer, fully functioning brain.

about Naval:  Naval is a certified teacher of the Sri Sri Yoga course and teaches often at the Metuchen Art of Living center.

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