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We interviewed John Tortorello, one of our New Jersey Sri Sri Yoga teachers.

Q. John, what do you like about yoga?
John: Yoga is the most natural science for the well-being of the body and the mind. Some people play video games to distract themselves. Yoga, for me, is an excellent distraction that leads to a good mental state. I don’t feel restless or de-energized afterwards. It is an energizing activity.

Yoga brings so much life into the body. It removes any discomfort or tension. It brings such awareness of the body. Yoga improves the communication between different parts of the body. It balances the various systems like the respiratory, circulatory, nervous and hormonal systems.

John teaching yoga at
the Art of Living center at Metuchen, New Jersey

The feeling of satisfaction and bliss that comes out of it is unmatched. I can’t get that from anything else. Hiking comes close and also gives me a great feeling. I like nature and fresh air! With yoga, sukha (happiness) increases and dukha (sorrow) decreases. It takes away misery, brings joyfulness and makes us aware of our true nature.

Yoga makes me transcend gross physical things like if the room temperature is not perfect or if the environment is not perfectly peaceful. I get that peace from inside. It puts me in touch with that peaceful space inside where there is perpetual satisfaction.


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