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by Sandeep Karode

Professor Ramesh Sitaraman at the University of Massachusetts found that viewers of online streaming videos were pretty patient for up to 2 seconds. “If you start out with, say, 100 users — if the video hasn’t started in five seconds, about one-quarter of those viewers are gone, and if the video doesn’t start in 10 seconds, almost half of those viewers are gone.” Sitaraman says. The full story is here.

Imagine that! 10 seconds has become waay too long of a wait!

I have noticed this same impatience while driving! Next time you are stopped at a traffic light and the light turns green, look in the rear view mirror and observe the reaction of the person in the car behind you if you do not move for 5 seconds! Same thing, impatience!

Same thing in the check out line of a grocery store. If the person in front of you is taking longer than you… think… they… should… take…, notice the reaction inside of you. If you are observant enough, you will notice a wee bit of irritation cropping up!

We’re getting so used to instant everything!

Louis CK summarizes this precisely. In his act Everything is amazing and nobody is happy, he says, “We live in this amazing amazing world and its wasted on the crappiest generation of spoiled idiots that don’t care.”.

Louis CK may be exaggerating a little bit, but seriously, what is the hurry? What do you have to do that is so important ALL THE TIME?

All this perceived urgency is leading to stress accumulating inside of you! Radio Lab did this masterful piece on Stress and how it affects our physical body. In this clip, listen from time stamp 13:36 through 18:31, Stanford University neurologist Dr. Robert Sapolsky says that in modern day life, the body turns on stress responses in anticipation of stressors and this leads to all the stress related ailments that the modern day physician is presented with!

So, next time 10 seconds seems way too long, take a deep breath. It’s only your mind doing its thing. Now let go!

And then there are techniques out there that one can learn. One such technique is the Art of Living Course. Check it out! It changed my life!

The picture below helps put time into perspective! 10 seconds… really??



Sandeep Karode

is a Ph.D. Chemical Engineer with 15+ years of industrial research experience in advanced separations. A graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, he teaches the Art of Living Course to the general public to help them find inner peace, relaxation, joy and effortlessly de-stress using the powerful breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya.


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A Rippling Thought

by JW
I was sitting one morning enjoying my cup of tea. As I felt the warmth, holding it, slowly sipping the sweet tea, I began to think about the honey in it. I began to think about the busy bees gathering the delicious golden nectar in a colorful field of flowers. Mind you, the hardworking bees’ intention for their honey was not for my tea but I am grateful for them, for their existence. I am also grateful for the beekeepers who dedicated their time and skills to caring for the bees and harvesting the honey. I am grateful for the workers who filled my jar of honey and for putting the label on each jar. Even for the designer who designed the label, I am grateful. Without the label, I would not know where it came from or know about the nutritional facts. I am also grateful for the delivery truck driver for bringing it to the supermarket, and even for the supermarket worker who stocks the jars on the shelves. As I step back from this thought, I become aware of all those who contributed to this jar of honey sitting in my cupboard, and to the honey in my tea.

I think about this and how thankful I am for this moment. Its a wonder where everyday items come from and how many people contribute to them. No matter how small or large the contribution, it has an impact on my life. This awareness makes me realize we belong to each other. Whether you are the receiver or the contributor, we are all connected.



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by Gayathri Uchila
I was recently reading a book on Rumi, a Persian mystical saint whose poems are profound, deep and are soaked in Divine Love and longing.

“Both light and shadow
are the dance of Love.
Love has no cause;
it is the astrolabe of God’s secrets.
Lover and Loving are inseparable
and timeless.
Every moment is made glorious
by the light of Love.”

I was wonder-stuck once again by the mystery of love, by its power, by its manifestations in different forms and the oneness and universality of it. Love is such a natural, powerful and timeless force present everywhere! One simply has to be open to receive it. Nature displays love every moment generously which can melt away any heart. The sunrise, the full moon, glittery stars, birds singing, the blooming of flowers and their fragrance, cool breeze, the change of seasons with all the splendid colors and all the endless beauty in the world.

It is amazing to see how nature selflessly bestows its priceless gifts in infinite ways reminding us of its love every moment! And yet often we forget to smile back and be grateful for the precious everyday miracles.

What is everyone searching for? What does life culminate in? What is the purpose of life? What is the rush in the world all about? Isn’t it all about Love? Isn’t Love our final destination? Life has sprung from Love, moves in Love and culminates in Love… And yet its so easy to drift away from our true nature and get caught up in negative feelings. We live our lives as though it will go on forever forgetting the fragility of its nature, it may end at any moment without giving a clue!

Our ancient sages and saints understood very well the nature of the mind and so gave us wisdom and knowledge to remind us of our true nature which is love and to take us back home. One such beautiful text called “Narada Bhakti Sutras”, Aphorisms on Love was given by Sage Narada. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has given a very inspiring discourse on this sublime and timeless wisdom which is easy to understand by anyone.

What is that love which is devoid of imperfection? What is that love which contains all other love? He says that love which has no imperfection and encompasses all other love is Divine Love, Devotion is the pinnacle of love. Having attained that immortal love human life becomes perfect and complete and leads us to the true home.

It seems once Lord Krishna had a severe headache and no medicine seemed to cure his pain. Krishna said his disease would be cured only with the dust from a true devotee’s feet. None of his devotees came forward fearing that if the dust from their feet touched Krishna’s forehead, who is the Divine himself, it would bring disaster and make them suffer in hell! But Radha, a great devotee, heard about Krishna’s pain and at once rushed to give the dust from her feet saying that that there is no pain greater than seeing her beloved Krishna in pain. Such was the devotion of Radha for Krishna. It is said that Radha’s world was only Krishna, he was her center. “Krishna” means the most “attractive”. It is the divinity that is the most attractive; the energy that pulls everything to it. Krishna is the formless center which is everywhere. The name Radha when read reverse reads as “Dhara” meaning flow, the flow of longing… Longing is the other face of Love. It is this intense longing which when kindled melts the ego, brings prayerfulness and takes one to the experience of Bliss or the Truth.

Also, Sri Sri says Love is not just an emotion its our very existence, we are made up of a substance called Love. There is not a single person on this planet whose heart is empty. Every heart at its depth is full with love. One has to simply relax and know that it is already there. All the negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, anger are nothing but distortions of love that come up due to stress and lack of awareness. It is possible to rise above all these negative tendencies by doing spiritual practices, by the presence of a Guru in one’s life and by the fire of awareness.

I am reminded of one of Rumi’s quote “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” I am grateful to my Guru for giving me the precious knowledge that I am able to share here. May the Love residing in every heart expand and overflow and make this world a beautiful one.


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