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A Rippling Thought

by JW
I was sitting one morning enjoying my cup of tea. As I felt the warmth, holding it, slowly sipping the sweet tea, I began to think about the honey in it. I began to think about the busy bees gathering the delicious golden nectar in a colorful field of flowers. Mind you, the hardworking bees’ intention for their honey was not for my tea but I am grateful for them, for their existence. I am also grateful for the beekeepers who dedicated their time and skills to caring for the bees and harvesting the honey. I am grateful for the workers who filled my jar of honey and for putting the label on each jar. Even for the designer who designed the label, I am grateful. Without the label, I would not know where it came from or know about the nutritional facts. I am also grateful for the delivery truck driver for bringing it to the supermarket, and even for the supermarket worker who stocks the jars on the shelves. As I step back from this thought, I become aware of all those who contributed to this jar of honey sitting in my cupboard, and to the honey in my tea.

I think about this and how thankful I am for this moment. Its a wonder where everyday items come from and how many people contribute to them. No matter how small or large the contribution, it has an impact on my life. This awareness makes me realize we belong to each other. Whether you are the receiver or the contributor, we are all connected.



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