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by Roopak DesaiRoopak

Art of Living is all about building self and building human capital. Each and every one of us is an immense source of energy and it is all about unleashing it and creating opportunities for us and for others.

Traditional School of Thought – Exploiting Human Capital

Most of the companies follow this mantra: ‘everyone should do everything.’ “As ‘professionals,’ we should all be able to step in and ramp up to top speed in any area, at any time, no matter what the current workload.”

This approach is short sighted approach of getting things done without thinking of long term implication and capital appreciation. This is very much equivalent to Bond investment where you get conservative rate of return without any appreciation in value.

The highly technical people are thus spread thin seeking expertise in all languages that make up an application (for us, VB, Javascript, ASP,, C++, C#, etc.), and those same developers develop in-depth SQL skills (equal to the DBAs) and networking skills (equal to the engineers).

This approach of project management where you have resources with interchangeable parts, is best suited to managers assigning resources since there is no thinking required! Anyone, anywhere, anytime. But it has a detrimental impact on human capital which doesn’t get the opportunity to grow and thus becomes powerless to produce new ideas or extraordinary results.

Advanced School of Thought – Building Human Capital

The companies who are are on the path of advancement, innovation and growth develop a culture to build human capital. They value the strength of each individual and understand the value of optimal utilization of their potential.

This strategy has a long term vision of continual development and growth of individual and in turn resulting in the accomplishment of a project with extraordinary results. This approach is very much equivalent to investment in growth stock which not only gives consistent return of investment but also provides capital appreciation.

It is all about building Subject Matter Expert (SMEs) in a given area and a Center of Excellence (CoE) in a given technology. The manager has to work out a strategy to align the correct resources to a project and then manage it appropriately in such a way that the person responsible for that project is not tied to it forever….life..till death …do us part.

With this approach of project management, it provides the opportunity for an individual to grow, contribute effectively and become more productive to produce new ideas and extraordinary results.

I certainly believe in later category of thought of building human capital…and that is way to go!! And welcome your thoughts of what works or doesn’t in your company bases on culture/projects/vision/strategy.

about Roopak Desai: Roopak is a resident of Monroe, New Jersey and works in the Information Technology industry. He has an MBA in Technology Management from NJIT; MS from IIT, Chicago; M.Tech from IIT, Mumbai. His goal is to inspire and motivate to help people succeed and to make a difference wherever he can.



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Bhanu Maa

poem written by Ranjita Sharma in honor of Bhanumathi Narasimhan


Ranjita with Bhanumathi Narasimhan

Oh sweetest mother , you are serene,
You are wonderful, pure and divine

Paths follow your dignified yet humble walk,
They also have several untold secrets to talk.

Words follow your mellifluous voice and define creation,
You are pure love, affection and its lovely ocean.

Notes dance on your melodious bhajan rhythms,
They also feel blessed because they received eternal wisdom.

Flowers blossom when your set your sparkling eyes on them,
Lucky us! We also got the share of magical fragrance.

You guide us to wonder about every little moment,
Your anecdotes remind us only divine is permanent.

When our minds are on their trips;
Feeling high emotional tides or low-lying dips,
Your Guru stories and innocent talks,
Bring back our equanimity and make us laugh.

We feel blessed to part of “art of living”,
Our mother is divine and God is a living being.


about Ranjita Sharma: She has been with Art of living for the past six and a half years. She works as a financial analyst at Johns Hopkins University.



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Game of Thoughts

by Mumukshu

I sometimes wonder at the stubbornness of the mind
How it tricks me to to bow and bend

How these thoughts are so convincing
and specially when I am not noticing

they make my heart dance and dance
they don’t stop the song until I glance and glance

how I sometimes sway to all their tunes
without a care to all that is true

Thoughts! You sweep me away from the shore
And take me into the storm of the ocean

wonder where you come from and where you go
you stay for a moment and take away my peace

can you stop there and be still there forever?!
can I ask silence to marry you forever?!

For my home is beyond your realm
For I am love, I am peace , I am…


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