Roopakby Roopak Desai

Most people want to go through the day in peace without getting injured in any way. We want our children to be safe. We want our parents to be safe. We want our brothers and sisters to be safe. We want our friends to be safe. We want ourselves to be safe.

Unfortunately, life offers many challenges. We worry about our family getting hurt. We worry about violence to our families, friends, and community. We hear about violence when countries go to war. We pray for an era of nonviolence when people everywhere, including our own families and selves, are free of violence.
This physical world is filled with violence, challenges, and dangers. From the moment we are born until our ultimate end, we face illness, accidents, mishaps, losses, and disasters both man-made and natural. The news contains one event after another filled with violence that can bring fear and panic into our lives. People worry about crime, illness, financial loss and disasters such as floods, volcanoes, earthquakes, and other threats to our lives.

Is there any way to lead our lives so that we are not engulfed by fear or violence? Can we navigate through the roadblocks on our way to happiness so that we can lead a life of calm, peace, and joy? Although people have prayed for an era of nonviolence for centuries, history shows there has not yet been a single period without war. Is there any way then to end violence and have a period of nonviolence on this planet?

Yes, there is. Meditation is the medium with is common across the world irrespective of geography, religion, class, color and creed.

The main purpose of meditation in to go within ourselves and find out WHO AM I. Its purpose is to give each person self driven proof there is something greater than everything which is SOUL that lives on after death living the body behind.

Each and everyone needs to experience this feeling which can only happen with Meditation where you (Self) comes closer day by day to an ultimate Supreme and to feel the Oneness with HIM. Each one us start feeling connected with the Supreme and then you start let go of fear, hate, greed, anxiety, and worries. The culmination of each and every one practicing it results into creating a oneness feeling, peaceful environment and equanimity among each other. We become forgiving, kind and happy where we are and how we are!!

Isn’t that a beautiful feeling…a beautiful world to be…a beautiful life to live!!!!!!



Art of Living has launched a nationwide campaign for non-violence. see

about Roopak Desai: Roopak is a resident of Monroe, New Jersey and works in the Information Technology industry. He has an MBA in Technology Management from NJIT; MS from IIT, Chicago; M.Tech from IIT, Mumbai. His goal is to inspire and motivate to help people succeed and to make a difference wherever he can.



non-violenceby Mohan Devarakonda

Hollywood shows that bad guys have to die hard, they never die soft. Where I come from in India, the heroes in the movies suffer so much in the first two and half hours that during the climax of the movie, the hero instills so much violence in revenge that it defies all laws of physics.

There is so much injustice in the real world. There are atrocities every day against the weak, whether it is through domestic violence in developed countries like the United States or the under privileged tribes in Africa, or some slum dwellers in Delhi taking a joy ride to wake up the world to an unthinkable crime.

In response to all this there is so much anger and anguish in this world, how can we practice non-violence in responding to these incidents of violence? Is peace, the right approach? Can we resort to violence in self-defense? What should I do if someone slaps me? or if there is a burglar in my house? Why did lord Krishna advocate the ace archer and warrior Arjuna, on fighting the war? While this holy man Sri Sri, who comes from the same place where Krishna lived, is now asking us to practice and promote non-violence.

Having a questions is a very good first step. Here’s my take on it. There is a one word answer to all of the questions above. It is Intelligence. People are usually confused about forgiveness with weakness and senseless violence with strength.

People who genuinely support non-violence are usually thought of being mellow, altruistic and self-less people. In-fact it is the other way around, these are very selfish people. It is in their self interest that they want to promote peace. If you think about it, they do it because they want their family to be safe, they just consider their family bigger and bigger, the whole world. They are in-fact securing their future by promoting peace all around them.

If you need to defend your safety, simple answer is absolutely; work on your self defense! Protect yourself first whatever it takes, but without hatred. A smart person does it with full attention and by being in the present moment. Normally, one need not use a lot of force, and yet in most cases one can protect oneself.

If non-violence is so worthy, why the entire defense budget in the world? Is war always bad? In my opinion, war should be the last option if at all. But when one has to absolutely face war, it should be done with valor and face to face, war has to be righteous and be fought with someone who is also ready to fight, that is why terrorism is never a righteous war.
That said, the human race is the only species that is using its intelligence to fight wars at an accelerated pace, to instill maximum destruction.

While one can spend limitless amount of wealth on violence and be destructive, the ammunition to become peaceful can be obtained for free. One such technique is Meditation. Let us use the Intelligence one man called MK Gandhi used many years ago, and said “An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind”. Let us show that living peacefully is a sign of strength, and it is what intelligent people do.

Art of Living has launched a nationwide campaign for non-violence. see

About Mohan Devarakonda: Mohan works in the financial industry in New York. He has an MS in Management Systems from Kean University in NJ. Mohan actively supports the causes at the Art of Living, Asha-Jyothi, Sankara Eye foundation, “Gods love we deliver” in NY city, and the “India Against Corruption” movement. He likes to meditate and promote awareness on well being through Sprituality.

Mohan’s other interests are rollerblading, hiking, traveling, learning music, and experimenting with saatvik food recipes. Mohan lives in Edison, NJ with his wife Anantha and their two childen.



N  is for not letting things get to you.  Realizing that there is a greater purpose in life.

O is for openness.  Being open to resolving conflict.

N is for natural.  There is an inner beauty in everyone and everything.  You just have to seek it out.

V is for versatile.  Doing many things and doing them with grace.

I is for having individual thoughts but respecting the thoughts of others.

O is for outside.  Finding balance between inside and outside your comfort zone.

L is for laughter.  It prevails everything.

E is for energy.  Let there be abundance of positive energy that encompasses your being.

N is for neutral.  When things are extreme and emotions run high, stay neutral.  Often, the middle of the road will take you where you want to go.

C is for cherish.  Cherish the goodness in the world.  There is more than enough.

E is for eternity.  What we do, what we say, what we think stays with us for eternity.  Make it peaceful so there shall be no regrets.

Love and Peace,

Join our movement for non-violence! see


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