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by Birjoo Vaishnav

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar meditating in the snow

Closer than one can imagine
Yet farther than one can see!
Closer than one can speak to
Yet farther than one can hear!
Closer than one can separate
Yet farther than one can touch!
Closer than one’s very breath
Yet farther than fragrance’s reach!
Closer than one can sense
Yet farther than the taste of presence!
Closer than one can forget
Yet farther than where longing can be met!

Only sensed by the sense of senses
Eye of the eyes, ear of the ears,
Touch beyond touch, taste of tastes,
Powered by the power that runs it all…

How can I reach you who is beyond extent,
How can I speak to you who is beyond words?
How can I know you who is beyond reason?
How can I feel you who is beyond emotion?
How can I see you who is the one who sees?
How can I become you when you are all there is?

Like the turtle withdrawing its limbs,
Senses turning back toward the source
Nothing to do, nothing to know..
Moments of dreamy wakefulness,
Just a quiet NOW, a soothing repose!
Sahaj-effortless equanimity

At ease, adrift in the river of time…
Beyond all that is me, mine and I,
Beyond fleeting likes, dislikes,
Beyond judgements, scars, pleasant memories,
Beyond sense, beyond sensibilities,
Beyond all names, and all forms
Beyond dreams, beyond wakefulness

Words end-Worlds end….
Just Be-ing, all there is-
An is-ness that knows
A knowingness that cares
A caring sense that springs
From pure, wrinkle free Love!

Ah….what an amazing mystery
Reveling in glimpses of recognition
truth-silent sacred-beauty
(Satyam Shivam Sundaram!)
With me, around me, as me,
With-out, Within…

It’s all Just You!
Just You! Just You!
It’s all Just You!
Just You! Just You!


Dr. Birjoo Vaishnav is a physicist by profession teaching at Georgia Southern, Statesboro GA who is passionate about the teachings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and is frequently found at the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being, Boone!


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by Madhuri Karode
Sahaj Meditation

A phone is only a phone, until one has packed some intelligence into it so that it becomes smart and powerful. Rest is also only rest, until one has packed some intelligence and awareness into the process to make IT smart and YOU powerful! This kind of smart rest, which is done consciously, is meditation.

For most of us rest means Sleep. Sleep is a universal phenomenon. I have never heard a single debate on whether humans aught to sleep. I don’t think we even have a choice there, for when the body and mind is tired, sleep envelops our consciousness and makes us unconscious, whether we like it or not… approve or disapprove. The body and mind dips into rest, and kick starts all the physical and mental processes of rejuvenation. Any medical doctor will tell us that the physical growth in children takes place when they are sleeping. That could be the reason infant and toddlers sleep so much. Lot of accumulated toxins are eliminated by the body in sleep. Our body has a natural intelligence to heal itself and for most of us sleep is the only opportunity it gets to heal.

All of us have experienced the energy of rejuvenation that comes from a good night’s rest and the energy of depletion that comes from sleepless, troubled nights. A sleepless night is usually followed by lack of energy, irritability, mistakes, lack of clarity or creativity, obsession towards supposedly comfort foods and drinks, incorrect perception/ assessment of situations. If ever there was a devil… that devil is probably you on a sleep-deprived morning. After a few sleepless nights even the smallest goal can be difficult to achieve and even a pious person forgets to be kind!

I talk about sleep because everyone can relate to it and look at reality from a fresh perspective. Although this phenomenon is with us since birth, we have rarely given it enough introspection. Our worldly goals have taken up so much of us that we may have lost sight of the foundation on which it all rests. That foundation is literally rest. The more rested you are, the more successful you can be in every aspect of life.

Now, if you decide to concentrate your sleep, you will experience a concentrated form of rest, which will give you a taste of the panacea of meditation. Simply put, the difference between sleep and meditation is – sleep is relaxing unconsciously and meditation is to relax consciously. Doing any activity consciously, concentrates it. Learning a technique to relax with awareness and consciousness helps one to systematically dive deep into our source – which is abundant with energy, peace, joy and love. Even our most ambitious goals are small compared to the capabilities that our consciousness possesses. We are designed to do big things. But due to lack of knowledge about oneself, we get stressed with even small things in life.

It is said that the rest from a twenty-minute deep meditation is equivalent to four hours of deep sleep. I have been meditating for 9 years, using the Sahaj Samadhi meditation technique and can corroborate this with my own experience. Whatever benefits we have experienced with sleep multiply with meditation. Silence is the mother of creativity and also the seed of all the talents that we aspire for. This does not mean that meditation can replace sleep altogether. A balance of both is needed in our well-being and effectiveness.

Sahaj Samadhi meditation is a mantra-based technique as taught by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. Each participant is initiated into a personal mantra (appropriate for him/her) and taught to use it, so that they are able to dive deep into the different layers of their consciousness. Through this process they are able to eliminate all the deep rooted stresses stored within. It comes from the Vedic tradition of masters from ancient ages, who have brought this knowledge to our generation in all its purity. The power of this technique lies in its simplicity and could be the reason why it is gaining popularity all over the world. Sahaj means effortless in Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) and Samadhi means a state of bliss, heightened awareness and peace. This technique can be learned from a trained Sahaj Samadhi instructor and takes 9 hours over 3 days to learn and will last you for a lifetime.

In order to sleep we require a comfortable bed, lights dimmed out, maybe some soothing music, a nice pillow and a prayer of hope that sleep will come! For meditation, you simply need an authentic technique, initiated in a pure tradition and a place to sit and meditate! In this jet age, this seems like a jet solution to realize all our goals happily.

Our phones have become smarter, it is time for us to get smart(er) too.

Madhuri Karode

After over 10 yrs in the IT industry Madhuri decided to transition her focus and efforts into service to the community. In this role she teaches the Art of Living course and Sahaj Samadhi Meditation course for the general public, YES (Your Enlightened Side) Plus to students and young professionals and Prison SMART program for incarcerated inmates. She is also the Chief Operating Officer for Transformational Leadership for EXcellence Program.


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class photo

The Art of Living center at Metuchen, New Jersey hosted a daytime Art of Meditation course (aka Sahaj Samadhi meditation) in February 2012 taught by Aparna Chawla and organized by Abitha Narayanan. Here are some experiences of participants.

“There was a thirst for that quietness. I went in for a meditation course and I found it. With just three days of teaching from Art of Living teachers I am able to attain this. I could stay in meditation longer but am advised to do it for 20 minutes twice a day. I strongly believe that a quiet and clear mind can achieve a lot more than a disturbed state of mind. ” – Lalitha

“We are given the tools/knowledge to enhance our daily meditation exercise so we may experience a more peaceful, energetic and purposeful day. I believe this course can be beneficial to all who are fortunate enough to be able to take it.” – Lorraine

“1. Sahaj Meditation, gives me clarity of mind. I have noticed that when my mind is muddled or confused or when I am multitasking like crazy, Sahaj meditation helps me think clearly.
2. Centering of mind is very powerful using Sahaj meditation. You are just unfazed by things around you. I am able to deal with routine ups and downs in a much better way. Instead of spending my energy on the frustration of the downs, I find myself focusing on how to bring things under control and move on. It helps focus your attention on the positives, I guess.” – Nidhi

“Sahaj meditation is truly simple and something that all of us can easily do, anywhere and anytime. It is a natural addition to our daily practices, and when I do it in conjunction with my kriya and pranayama (breathing techniques), it enhances the total experience. 20 minutes – twice a day is better than any tonic! For me, such meditation gives overall calmness, positiveness and clarity of thought. Interestingly, depending on the time (i.e. when I meditate), I experience different effects. My morning meditation typically invigorates and helps me focus, while the evening/night meditation calms and quietens me.” –Leena

upcoming Art of Meditation courses in New Jersey

blogpost on meditation experience: “The Power of Meditation”



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