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On Oct 22-25, we had a rocking DSN course (“Do Something Now” course) with International Art of Living teacher, Sangeeta Jani. The DSN course uses a powerful combination of yoga, group processes, and deep spiritual knowledge to break through personal barriers and create personal empowerment. Congratulations to Anil, Anushka, Ketan, Manoj and the many other volunteers who made this course a success. Thank you to Sangeeta Jani for sharing her radiant presence with us!

Sangeeta Jani with DSN course participants at Art of Living center, Metuchen, NJ

Here is what participants said about the course.
“Until the last three days I did not realize how much this course is making a difference to me. I have not been purified enough to feel like gold but I realized last night during our most dynamic process that how much difference it made to my personality. Many times in my work I think I can’t excel because everyone else is so experienced so they always had an advantage over me but I could not have been more wrong. Excellence has nothing to do with experience, you excel the moment you give your 100%. I could not have been more blessed and lucky to do this course with Sangeeta Didi, immense love and blessings for her. This course rocks and its experience is just beyond my words. I wish I am able to continue this journey with everyone’s support. Jai Guru Dev!” – Annie

“Wow!! What a powerful experience! I feel I have made a Quantum Leap! Thanks, Jai Guru Dev” -Ed Mongeo

“DSN with Sangeeta Didi is great and rocks. This is the best course in the Art of Living that integrates every aspect of life and makes you a true yogi. I learnt so much about team work, leadership and amazing yoga techniques with deep meditations. All people who have done a basic course should do it. Feeling grateful.” -Garima Singh

“I had no idea what to expect, and for the first half of the course wanted to run away. Then, my resistance melted and I learned how it feels to engage in selfless action. I previously had many barriers to talking about my faith and practices and Art of Living, but these amazing processes helped me move past all of that as I connected with many people inside and outside of the course in a fresh way. Thank you and JGD” -Christopher

“Extremely fun course. And of course, opposite values are complimentary. Now I feel like rushing out there to do more. Anyone who is hesitating about the course. DO IT!!!” – Rui Jian

“The DSN course brought an awareness in me towards how I can be useful to the people around me. For the first time, I realized how it feels to look beyond myself and truly care about others. Also brought an awareness for the resources given to me and my attitude towards them. “ – Venu

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DSN Class Photo at Art of Living center, Metuchen.NJ

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