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Music is the language of the heart. Art of Living‘s New York City-based Bhakti Band blends ancient sanskrit (ancient Indian language) chants with contemporary guitar music and interesting jazz-inspired rhythms. check out Bhakti Band on iTunes.

The North New Jersey team organized a concert by Bhakti Band at a Mahwah community center on March 11, 2012. Here are photos by Seshu Kavalipurapu.


Bhakti Band


Manish Tandon


Mary Walker


Joey Repice


Joey, Mary, Manish


Joey, Mary, Manish


Bhakti Band

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upcoming courses at Mahwah

Bhakti Band will play at the Yoga Rave party at NYC on March 29th. buy tickets here

More about Bhakti Band

Bhakti is a musical journey into Kirtan music sung primarily in Sanskrit, an ancient language known for its healing vibrations. Bhakti Band musicians fuse their diverse backgrounds in rock, soul, world and jazz music with their love for meditation and yoga to bring expression to this beautiful form of meditative singing.

Bhakti has played everywhere from New York’s Town Hall and Lincoln Center to the United Nations and Jakkur Airfield in Bangalore, India in front of a crowd of millions. All band members actively volunteer on community service projects and use their music to help harmonize, heal and uplift the people around them.

Band members: Manish Tandon – Vocals & Guitar, Mary Walker – Vocals,  Aram Bajakian – Lead Guitar, Yumna Omar – Percussion,  Joey Repice – Lead Percussion


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