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Sunday Morning Walk

by Prashant Bajaj

walking: Prashant, Anil, Anushka, Kala, Ketan

table: Ketan, Kala, Anushka, Anil

Well, a couple of days ago, on the fine Sunday morning of October 10th,  2010 a few Art of Living members attended a Mental Health Association’s Walk for Mental Wellness.The start was a bit cold, I mean literally it was cold and some of us were shivering but our enthusiasm was more than enough for us to keep us warm till the walk.

We setup our booth and greeted many people. Some of them were with other associations (like Life Coaches, Physiatrists Associations of NJ, DBSA, etc.) who do similar work. We then walked with our banner for a 3.1 mile distance with even more enthusiasm and returned to our booth until the prize distribution ceremony.

It seemed like as the day was progressing so was our enthusiasm. It did attract a lot of people to our table. Here are a few pictures from the event.


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