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I Meditate …Y ?

by Kaarthiga Shivameditation

I Meditate …Y ? I Meditate to C a 🙂 in ME (how often ?)
I Meditate to give a 🙂 to U (Really ?)

I Meditate to mind my mind (U need it !)
I Meditate to Rest my mind (Do it !)

I Meditate to ease my day (Good for me)
I Meditate to slide thru my day (Slow down)

I Meditate to peek into ME (how was it?)
I Meditate to BE with ME (Come back soon)



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by Birjoo Vaishnav

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar meditating in the snow

Closer than one can imagine
Yet farther than one can see!
Closer than one can speak to
Yet farther than one can hear!
Closer than one can separate
Yet farther than one can touch!
Closer than one’s very breath
Yet farther than fragrance’s reach!
Closer than one can sense
Yet farther than the taste of presence!
Closer than one can forget
Yet farther than where longing can be met!

Only sensed by the sense of senses
Eye of the eyes, ear of the ears,
Touch beyond touch, taste of tastes,
Powered by the power that runs it all…

How can I reach you who is beyond extent,
How can I speak to you who is beyond words?
How can I know you who is beyond reason?
How can I feel you who is beyond emotion?
How can I see you who is the one who sees?
How can I become you when you are all there is?

Like the turtle withdrawing its limbs,
Senses turning back toward the source
Nothing to do, nothing to know..
Moments of dreamy wakefulness,
Just a quiet NOW, a soothing repose!
Sahaj-effortless equanimity

At ease, adrift in the river of time…
Beyond all that is me, mine and I,
Beyond fleeting likes, dislikes,
Beyond judgements, scars, pleasant memories,
Beyond sense, beyond sensibilities,
Beyond all names, and all forms
Beyond dreams, beyond wakefulness

Words end-Worlds end….
Just Be-ing, all there is-
An is-ness that knows
A knowingness that cares
A caring sense that springs
From pure, wrinkle free Love!

Ah….what an amazing mystery
Reveling in glimpses of recognition
truth-silent sacred-beauty
(Satyam Shivam Sundaram!)
With me, around me, as me,
With-out, Within…

It’s all Just You!
Just You! Just You!
It’s all Just You!
Just You! Just You!


Dr. Birjoo Vaishnav is a physicist by profession teaching at Georgia Southern, Statesboro GA who is passionate about the teachings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and is frequently found at the International Center for Meditation and Well-Being, Boone!


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In the Cave of my Heart…

by Mumukshu

meditationIn the cave of my heart dwells a bright little star

It whispers the song of eternal peace and love
Every now and then I peak at the star and listen to its song
It cradles and rocks me in its lap of peace
It drenches me in sweet tears of gratitude
It showers me in its eternal warmth and glow
It makes me dance and swirl in the field of love

How I wish the time turns still so I could forever merge and melt in this little star of bliss…



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