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YES Plus Poems

These are poems written at the end of the YES Plus class (Youth Empowerment Seminar for young adults). The course was at the Art of Living center at Metuchen, New Jersey in January 2012 and taught by Gayathri Uchila. Here “Kriya” refers to Sudarshan Kriya, a special breathing technique taught in the Art of Living courses.

Bringing out the Best in Me by Sunity Panchal

Bringing out the best in me always
the YESPLUS has taught me,
to live in the present moment
and give my hundred percent.

Amidst the judgments and criticism,
bringing the best in me always
the YESPLUS has taught me how
to see the divinity’s presence in each eyes,
to accept people and situations as they are,
to smile, to be creative and wise…

Bringing out the best in me always,
the YESPLUS has taught me that
opposite values are complementary-
what you resist will persist anyway

When you become the football of other’s opinions,
you loose the charm, the innocence and belongingness.
Bringing the best in me always
the YESPLUS has taught me that seeing intention
behind other people’s mistakes
ruins the whole purpose of enjoying life every moment…

After all, bringing out the best in me always,
the YESPLUS has added to the undivided attention to myself and,
to the people it adds peace and beauty to my life!

YES+ by Ashwin Menon


Poem by Raghav Garg

I woke up to do Kriya,
I missed out on sleep;
But it gave me a great feeling,
So it’s a habit I wish to keep.

There’s so much to learn,
Especially about living;
We are taught yoga and meditation,
Then we learn the importance of giving.

We learn the value of a smile,
And also how to not have an ego;

In the end we all belong to society
So we all have the power to make it and ourselves grow

Poem by Jeet Patel

A true skeptic turned into a believer, not by a fanatical system of religion but rather a practical set of exercises and beliefs which are spiritual in nature. These exercises and beliefs are not constraints to one’s life, they are the key to removing the shackles of human nature which bind individuals into the cycle of laziness and negativity. A skeptic turned to a believer by the coming of a very positive and sticking experience from the Yes Plus course, which will carry its impact for a lifetime. A true miracle that five days can accomplish.

Poem by Sheetal Sharma

Smile, sing, dance
Breathe, laugh, live
Such are things YesPlus helped me do.
Down came my wall of ego
Gone are my inhibitions.
It is now that I have truly started living.
For it is now that I have started living in the present.

The Roses & Me by Sneha Shah

Magenta Roses shriveling in the high heat of August
Were in full bloom after the storm teared through the fields,
Leaving fresh beds of dew glistening on their vibrant stems
Dew that sparkles like my tears after a long kriya, a catharsis of the soul
The Magenta Roses are no different than me
Under the Lord’s grace I shine
For he is like the Sun, providing nourishment to my weary mind,
my weary body
Magenta Roses glimmering in the pleasant breeze of late October
My smile, blossoming, like the bud of a rose,
Soft as an autumn wind

Poem by Amrita Goraya
The darkness encompassed me
the despair overtook me.
I lay there overwhelmed with emotions.
Finally I saw the light that ended the commotion.
Guruji’s face illuminated with a smile
Space froze for a while.
I stepped into a garden surrounded by flowers.
His hand held mine, transferred power.
Light shined, showered me with love.
Laughter around me, encompassed me, in his arms.
Found, I am saved, I belong.

Bliss by Sneha Shah

Bliss is a short spell
That God cast on me
A spark of magic, fleetingly passing by
But because I felt it, I saw it
Even for a short while
I know he exists and this
glimmer of hope
Is all I need

Poem by Prabu Vijayan

Hey! do ujjai!
Pick Kriya! Kick stress!
I look into your eyes…& I see my skies!
Let’s walk the miles, spreading our smiles!
Om Om Om…and we are home!
I belong to you! How about you?!

Poem by Smeet Patel

The art of living
There’s no knowing
without experiencing
The peace of mind which we come about,
The heavenly paradise
which we all dream about.
The art, we have to see for ourselves
The experience; only Guruji could guide us about.

Poem by Ami Shah

On the 12th of January, I began the YesPlus class,
At the start, I approached it with skepticism and sass
However, as the class went on,
I began to grow fond,
of the morals, yoga and kirya taught to us,
The breathing exercises made me twich and fuss,
But I fell as though in such a short time,
I have learned to discipline myself and that committing a mistake is certainly not a crime,
That the biggest mistake is to live with an ego,
That we must push forward with passion and go with the flow,
Thank you for such a great experience to express myself so deeply as such cases are few
I feel rejuvenated- turned my life anew!

Poem by Anish

Young minds come together to broaden spiritual horizons
Energetic teachers and students learning from one another
Stimulating exercises to make individuals realized the Self
Playful games to bring back their childlike innocence
Leading over limitations set by one’s ego
Universal teachings to help individuals better themselves and the world
Service that i done for a simple smile for strangers

Yes Plus by Subha

I came into this course just by accident. I was under a lot of stress while in school. The peer pressure and with my parents having high expectations from we were really depressing me. My mom just told me to register for the course. I had no idea what to expect going in. I did not know that my life was going to change dramatically.

During the Sudarshan Kriya process I totally lost my senses of the physical body to a point I did not know how to go to the lying down position when I was sitting at the beginning. I was in a different world altogether and felt very relaxed in the end.

The course points seem easy to implement in our day to day lives. Hard at first, bust as I go through my daily routine, I find that I am able to handle my emotions and feelings a lot better.

Poem by Meredith Gray

Meditation and Yoga is no Joke
The Art of Living classes
Sri Sri’s message of health and happiness
And smile from the inside
Will touch those around you

The Space Within by Megha Kamra

Breathe in, breathe out
My lungs expand and contract
As a forgotten and familiar energy enters my heart,
which my mind settle down and bends to meet.
It is like sleeping and waking at the same time
I rest into myself and see that I am a child.
Enthusiasm and peace finally dance together,
Softening and healing the wounds that seemed stuck.
I awake from meditation and see love
glistening through the spaces between objects and people,
I realize that fairy tales are not just happenings.
I awake to see that love is my existence,
And it serves me with each breath,
I did not realize I was this cared for.
Words seem too constrictive to catch this feeling
And that is why I close my eyes again
And sink into the sacred space that
is, always was, and will never cease to be.


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YES Plus – Discover Your Enlightened Side

The YES Plus course for college-age youth and young professionals is a more dynamic version of the Art of Living course focused on leadership and empowerment. The enthusiasm and idealism of youth finds its natural expression with the stress relieving breathing techniques and the practical wisdom taught in the course. Here are some experiences from the Nov 18-22 course taught by Gayathri Uchila at the Art of Living center at Metuchen, NJ.

“YES+ has a momentum for change and for us to think about the life we want. I personally feel it improves you in all aspects of life and helps you understand what humanity is.”

What did you like about YES Plus? “Just the awesome feeling it leaves you with. You leave feeling like this is who I really am.”

“Completely changed my life. Changed the way I deal with situations, changed the way I approach people. So much more confident/secure. Truly believe that deep down everyone has limitless potential.”

“Starting with Surya Namaskar, Pranayam, Kriya and meditations it really helped me go through a detox process. I feel much lighter after doing the course. I feel more confident than before. I live in the present and give my 100%. Saying out loud what I feel in public is one of the best things I picked up from the course.”

What did you like about YES Plus? “Team dynamic; teacher discipline; stress relief; let down your guard and be yourself and are accepted as yourself; leave with improved self-esteem.”

“The YES+ course has taught me so much! I am so thankful for being introduced to Art of living. I gained confidence and so much knowledge on the self, the body and the mind. I feel the Sudarshan Kriya is the most valuable thing I have learnt from this course. It has already made a difference in my life. Also the yoga was great. This course has opened up so many doorways for me.”

“It was a great experience because it is teaching us unity. It is teaching us how to be happy and love each other.”

Check out the US YES Plus website: YES Plus
Here is a video describing the program.


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Here is an article in the Rutgers University newspaper, “The Daily Targum” about the Not Just Yoga student club. There is a need nationally to create stress-free, violence-free college campuses and to address this need the Art of Living has a presence directly on campuses. The Not Just Yoga club is a student club at Rutgers and, as the name suggests, it goes beyond the realm of yoga mats and breathing exercises. Members also volunteer and give back to the community.

New yoga club aims to relieve students’ stress – Daily Targum – Rutgers University


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